Global Warming

Its Effects

Today, we live in a world where our planet is warming up and just this small 1% increase is already beginning to cause chaos. You only need to turn on your TV, radio, computer and read in the media to see these global effects on the weather.

In our plantations international across Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia we are seeing the affects first-hand. First, we see the seasonal changes in the monsoons and what makes up the climate seasons.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka can be broken down into four climate seasons.

  1. First Inter-monsoon Season (March-April)
  2. Southwest-monsoon Season (May-September)
  3. Second Inter-monsoon Season (October-November)
  4. Northeast-monsoon Season (December-February)


Thailand can be broken down into three official seasons – hot, wet and cool.

  1. The hot season (March-June)
  2. The monsoon Season (June-October)
  3. The cool season (November-February)


Malaysia can be broken down into two monsoon seasons.

  1. Southwest Monsoon (May-September)
  2. Northeast Monsoon (November-march)

For your interest and research you may download here a pdf on Effect of Climate Change on Seasonal Monsoon Rainfall. Here you can read on how the monsoons can be delayed and can be up to 70% below normal levels. This in turn can have huge and devastating effects on crops and plantations of all forms.

Asia Plantation Capital (APC) has had to continually change the methods to suit the plantations that they manage. This has had negative and positive effects in the different areas. For example, many trees have gone into hibernation and appear to have died, only for a few months later burst into life and grow wildly. Were once, it was easy to predict tree growth based on the seasons, this has now changed, not only affecting the plantations but also the local wildlife and other fauna. APC through relentless hard work and research and development have to be on top on these ever-changing developments.

Trees are now monitored daily with quarterly updates on the QR coding in Johor, Malaysia and this research will help the other plantations in Sri Lanka and Thailand. Other effects for the plantations are as when to inoculate, what to inoculate for i.e. oil or biomass and also as to the best time to harvest the trees. These changes have a micro impact as well, were trees on the same plantation maybe affected. Trees have grown inconsistently; hibernated and other trees have exceeded growth. This may be due just to the layout of the plantation, irrigation and drainage.

APC in Johor are now using specific mother trees and through DNA technology are producing optimum seedlings and through rigorous research and the daily management of the nursery are now producing some of the strongest saplings.