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Smart International Property and Investment Expo Review

On the weekend of the 23rd & 24th November 2018, Asia Plantation Hong Kong limited (APHK) were once again in attendance of the Smart Expo held at the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre in Wanchai, Hong Kong. This was APHK 11th consecutive attendance and was again well received both by their existing clients but also new investors looking at the overseas property market, especially the Algarve, Portugal and Perth, Australia.

Asia Plantation Hong Kong Limited are the official appointed representative of Asia Plantation Capital in Hong Kong and have been established since November 2011. Asia Plantation Capital own and manage agarwood plantations international in Sri Lanka, Thailand & Malaysia.

The Smart Expo has been a very good way for the exposure of various alternative investments and APHK have been very successful over the past five and a half years introducing around 8 new clients at the show itself and also gaining interest of the attendees who may purchase later.

There are many in attendance offering guaranteed returns on buy-to-let rental property but very few are offering good alternative investment opportunities with returns at just under 80% ROI. Asia Plantation Hong Kong Limited are promoting plantations international, now in Sarawak, Malaysia State, Borneo, the worlds 3rd largest island and one of the last remaining rain forests.

The opportunity offered was to purchase 100 saplings for oud oil production on one of APC’s plantations international in Sarawak over a maximum of 15 years which based on APC’s own figures would produce a return of HK$782,888 on a HK$198,800 purchase price which equates to a remarkable 293.81% ROI or annualised growth of 9.57%. This is achieved by APC’s minimum buy-back price of US$280 per tola.

For clients looking for higher yields, if they were to grow their trees for agarwood chips or agarwood powder this same purchase now based of US$55 per kilo would return them HK$831,701 representing an investment gain of HK$632,902 representing an ROI of 318.36% or an annualised rate of 10.01%.

When comparing agarwood with other alternative investments and property, you can see that this is a real good deal and then throw in the other benefits such as helping to protect an endangered species as listed on CITES, the environment, climate change and the planet, it ticks a lot of investors boxes.

What are the downsides of buying in plantations international and avoiding the copy-cat scams that have come and gone over the past 5 years, well the first thing is to do is your due diligence? Just as you wouldn’t normally buy something sight unseen like property, you should ensure that the company you are dealing with are fully licensed and that these plantations international really exist and should always ask for a plantation inspection and factory tour to see for yourself and also to speak to the experts on the ground.

Asia plantation Hong Kong and Asia Plantation Capital take around 2,500 customers each year to visit their plantations international. They even cover the costs of the hotel, food & drinks, ground transportation and you only need to pay for your flights. If you choose to purchase after seeing the plantations and factory, then they even refund you the flights, so a no-lose situation.

Return on Investment, usually is abbreviated to ROI, is a common, widespread metric used to evaluate the forecasted profitability on different investments. This metric can be applied to anything from stocks, real estate, plantations, employees or even an agarwood plantation or a pig farm.

There are various alternative investments besides agarwood and many are worth looking at. For information on agarwood and oud oil prices please check this link.

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